This document was created by FX Power House (the “Company” or “we”) especially to provide proper privacy protection for the visitors of our website and our subscribers. Our Privacy Policy refers to the usage of the site That includes the information on this website and any services provided there.

The Company will automatically collect the personal data of the website’s visitor. Our Privacy Policy tells what kind of information we collect and how we use it.

Before using our website, please carefully study the information from this document. When visiting the site or subscribing to our services you automatically accept all the disclosures of this document.

Visitors Under the Age of 13

This website is not created for children younger than 13 years old. The Company will not intentionally collect any personal information from children of 12 years old or younger. If you haven’t reached the age of 13 years old, please do not use our website. Please do not visit our website, do not subscribe to our services, and/or post any information on our website.

If we find out that a child under the age of 13 has posted his or her personal information on our website, we will immediately delete this information.

The Information We Gather

Every time you visit our site, our Company collects two types of data:

  1. Automatic collection of technical data. We gather certain information through automatic technologies, such as Google Analytics. This information includes your location, the pages you prefer to visit, your browsing actions, etc.
  2. Your personal data. This refers to the info you provide us through your comments, messages, emails, etc. This information may include your name, email address, age, etc.

Cookies Policies

Once you visit our website, you might receive a request through your browser with permission to store your “cookies” file. This is a special system of data collection, which provides the Company with your technical information. This information shall include your IP address, the time and date when you enter our site, links of the websites you visit just before and after you enter our website, along with the time spent on our site.

Our website might contain advertisements and banners from other companies. These third-party companies might also collect cookies through their applications. They might also collect other kinds of data, such as the details of your online activity, your individual information, etc. Later these companies might use these details to offer you targeted commercials and advertisements. 

Our Company does not control and bears no responsibility for the data collected and used by third parties and for the way they use it.

Email Policy

If you decide to subscribe to our broadcast letters or choose to write to us via email, we shall collect and store your email address and a full history of our correspondence. The Company undertakes to provide full confidentiality in this matter. We shall not disclose your email address to any third parties except for the situation described in the “Disclosure of Information” section below.

If you decide to stop accepting our letters in the future after you have already subscribed to our services, you may click the “Unsubscribe” button in one of our emails. In this case, we stop sending you our broadcast emails unless you subscribe again.

The Reasons We Collect Your Data

We collect your data in order to track your preferences and provide you only with the details that might be interesting for you. Our Company thinks and cares about you and thus wishes to improve our services. We collect this information for further analysis and optimization of our work.

Disclosure of Information

As a rule, we do not disclose your personal information to any third parties, except:

  • Disclosure of data to our affiliates and/or partners for further provision of our services to our visitors and subscribers
  • We might disclose your data to representatives of law in case we are legally compelled to do that

Protection of Your Information

Our Company works only with trusted third-party vendors and implements high-quality standards of security protocols.

Please note that the information sent by email might not always be secured. You may send your private information via email but we do not suggest you do so.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

The Company shall amend this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion without any prior notification. You shall be responsible to check our website for any changes in this document.